Municipal Services

Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is authorized by the Borough to preserve the peace and to arrest or to enforce the law under the terms of the Pennsylvania Dog Law of 1965, as amended. The control officer coverage shall be at the discretion of the Chief of Police and shall include the control of animals responsible for bites and the containing and removal of stray dogs.

Street Maintenance

Main Street; Route 29 North (First Avenue); Route 29 South (Second Avenue); are maintained by the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT). All other dedicated roads are maintained by the Collegeville Borough.

Snow plowing and deiciing is performed by Collegeville Borough.  Borough Public Works employes and hired contractors plow snow and spread salt on borough owned roads.

If a Collegeville Borough plow hits a mailbox during snow removal, we will reimburse the resident upon verification. If snow damages the mailbox, we do not reimburse.  Mailboxes are installed at your own risk within the right-of-way.  To be sure your mailbox is installed correctly, contact your local Postmaster for installation guidelines.

If your mailbox is struck by a Borough vehicle, please complete the Damaged Mailbox Reimbursement Request Form within two weeks of incident.

Discount Movie/Park Tickets

Discount movie and theme park tickets are available for purchase at the Borough office.
Regal Theaters: $9.50

Trash and Recycling Collection

Collegeville Borough's trash and recycling is collected by Whitetail Disposal. Trash and recyclables are picked up once each week on Tuesdays. Trash and recyclables should be placed curbside Monday evening for early morning Tuesday pick-up.  The limit for trash is three (3) bags or containers.  Recycling should be co-mingled and and placed in a containers that are marked as recycling. Recyling items shall include: 

-Aluminum, steel and tin cans
-Clear, green and brown glass
-Plastic marked with the recycle emblem  1-7
-Newspapers, magazines and phone books
-Cardboard (cut to fit into the recylcing container)

Bulk Items: Contact Whitetail Disposal at 610-754-0103 to arrange a bulk item pickup for a fee. 
Bulk Item Costs: Loveseat: $10, Couch: $30, BBQ Grill: $15, Washer: $20, Dryer: $15, Area Rug: $20, Television: $55, Dresser: $25, Stove: $20, Recliner: $25, Futon: $20, Fridge: $55, Mattress: $15, Box Spring: $15, Entertainment Unit: $25, Carpet/3 rolls taped: $10, Exercise Machine: $30

Hazardous Waste: Montgomery County offers hazardous waste and electronics collections drop-off sites periodically throughout the year.  Items such as paint, pool chemicals, gasoline and solvents are considered hazardous waste. 

Yard Waste and Leaves

Collegeville Borough, along with Trappe Borough, operate a compost site on West Seventh Avenue in Trappe. Residents of the two Boroughs may drop off yard waste at the compost site free of charge.  Identification will be required.  Residents and non-residents are permitted to take compost and mulch free of charge.  Days of operation are Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Check the Bulletin Board or call the Public Works Department at 610.489.2831 for Winter dates and hours of operation.

Leaves are collected curbside one-time per year (2017 - Saturday, December 16).  Leaves are required to be placed in biodegradeable paper yard waste bags and placed along the curb. Leaves placed in any other type of bag or container will not be collected. Only leaves will be collected; grass clippings, twigs and/or other yard waste will not be collected. The annual collection date will placed on the Bulletin Board. 
Water and Sewer

Water and sewer services are provided by both the Collegeville/Trappe Joint Public Works and the Collegeville/Trappe Municipal Authority. The office is located at 220 W. First Avenue, Trappe, PA. Their phone number is 610-489-2831. 

Collegeville-Trappe water and sewer customers wishing to sign up for the Automated Bill Payment Program (ACH) can obtain the enrollment form here: C-T ACH

The 2014 Collegeville-Trappe Annual Water Quality Report can be viewed here:  2014 C-T Water Quality Report

Information Services

Questions regarding any borough service can be directed to 610-489-9208 or   While we truly enjoy helping folks out with services and information there are a few things that we do not do. We don't give rides (unless you're arrested), pick-up dog waste in your yard, mark your property lines, fix your cable bill, contact long-lost friends or relatives, lookup non-governmental telephone numbers or chase wildlife out of your yard. J