Boards, Commissions & Officials

BOROUGH COUNCIL (meets the 1st Wednesday of each month)
Marion McKinney - Council President
Mathew McKnight - Council Vice-President
Cathy Kernen - President Pro Tem
Hugh Braun
Shannon Spencer
Terrie Stagliano
Louise Tulio

Aidsand Wright-Riggins - Mayor


Civil Service Commission (meets as needed)
Michael Mulroy
Dennis Kellon
James C. Calvin

The Civil Service Commission consists of three (3) members appointed by Borough Council for a six (6) year term. The Civil Service Commission conducts examinations for the appointment and promotion of police officers.

Collegeville-Trappe Municipal Authority (meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month)
Rowan Keenan
Arnold Mann
James Traupman

CTMA oversees the operations of both borough's the sewer systems.

BOCA Board of Appeals (meets as needed)
Howard Kriebel

The BOCA Board of Appeals hears appeals regarding the interpretation of the Uniform Construction Code.

Vacancy Board (meets as needed)
Andrea Baptist

The Vacancy Board consists of Borough Council and one (1) registered elector of the Borough who is appointed by Borough Council. The Vacancy Board meets only if Borough Council fails to meet a and fill a vacancy on Council.

Planning Commission (Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month)
Tommy Gamble
Arnold Mann
Dean Miller
Chris Rood
Shannon Spencer 

Joe Sullivan
Rich Wallace

The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing all subdivision and land development applications.  The commission considers the impacts proposed development would have upon our roadways and upon surrounding properties. The Planning  Commission assesses each application for landscape buffers, street trees, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation. 

Public Works Committee (meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month)
Arnold Mann
Mathew McKnight
James Traupman

The Public Works Committee oversees the operations of the Collegeville-Trappe water system.

Zoning Hearing Board (meets as needed)
Heather Bernardin
Bruce Craver

George Schiavo
Robert Botti, Alternate

The Zoning Hearing Board considers applications for variances and special exceptions to the Borough Zoning Ordinance.


Borough Engineer
David Leh
Gilmore & Associates, Inc.

Borough Solicitor
Sean Kilkenny, Esq. 

Building, Electric & Plumbing Inspector
LTL Consultants

Chief of Police
Barton Bucher

Collegeville/Trappe Joint Public Works Department
Joseph Hastings, Director

Deputy Fire Marshal
Mark Highley

Emergency Management Coordinator
Jeff Wentworth

Fire Chief 
Jay Murphy

Fire Marshal
Timothy Kennedy

Right-To-Know Officer
Geoff Thompson

Tax Collector (Real Estate Tax)
Kelly Taylor

Zoning Officer
Geoff Thompson