Emergency Prepardness

Under commonwealth law, every town, borough, city, and township in Pennsylvania is required to establish and maintain an emergency management agency and to have an emergency management coordinator. It is the responsibility of local emergency management agencies to maximize the utilization of local resources to prevent, plan for, respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies.*

In the Borough of Collegeville that agency is the Collegeville Borough Emergency Management Agency and the coordinator is Jeffrey L. Wentworth. During an emergency, such as a Flood or Flash Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Hazardous Material Incident, or other man made disaster, the Collegeville Borough Police, the Collegeville Fire Company, and the Collegeville Borough Emergency Management Coordinator would be the first to respond.  Periodic Emergency Management updates can be found on our Facebook page at Collegeville Borough Emergency Management. 

If these Agencies were to require further assistance they would call upon the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency. The county role is to supply additional materials, assistance, or manpower to meet unmet needs. For example, if the local agency required more fire trucks, more sand bangs, or other materials, or encountered an overwhelming situation. After local and county agencies have responded, if further assistance is required, state and federal agencies would be called up.

* Source - Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Sign up for ReadyMontco:  ReadyMontco is the Montgomery County source for notifications about emergencies, severe weather, crime alerts and disasters.  Ready Montco is administered by the Montgomery County Department Public Safety and is free of charge.  Visit the link above and create a profile.  

The Borough of Collegeville Family Disaster Plan
Borough volunteers have prepared a Family Disaster Plan - a handy guide that lists things families can do to be prepared for a local or national emergency. Topics include:

  • Prepare your home
  • Create a plan
  • Recognize and respond to disaster warnings
  • Implement your plan

Click to view the Family Disaster Plan at Borough of Collegeville Family Disaster Plan in PDF* format.