Ordinances & Plans

Door-To-Door Solicitation
A permit is required for all non-religious or non-political door-to-door solicitors.  Solicitor permits are obtained through the Collegeville Borough Police Department.

Open Burning
Open burning is prohibited in the Borough of Collegeville, in accordance with ordinance #453, Section 403.0. Grass, leaves, tree limbs and yard waste may be taken to the community Compost Facility.  The Compost Facility is located on W. Seventh Avenue in Trappe.

Snow and Ice Removal
Owners or occupants of any premises within the Borough are required to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks or pavements within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow has ceased to fall.

Weed/Tree and Shrub
The Borough has regulations for the control of the growth of weeds, trees, and shrubs. Please contact Borough Hall for more information at 610-489-9208.

Borough Code of Ordinances

Borough Code of Ordinances online

Borough Studies/Plans

Open Space Plan

Revitalzation Plan

Sustainability Plan