Police Department

The Collegeville Police Department (CPD) is located in the Borough of Collegeville and serves the residents of the Borough. They also serve the Ursinus College Campus - located in the Borough - and provide assistance to departments in local municipalities. Those departments in turn provide assistance to the CPD. CPD officer's duties include patrolling, enforcing vehicle laws, responding to calls and complaints, investigating crimes, and making arrests. The CPD has 8 full-time officers.

The Collegeville Police Department is located at 491 East Main Street in the Collegeville Borough Municipal building. You can find it fast on the Community Map. To find out about our Officers and some of the key programs the Department is involved in, visit the links at left.


The Collegeville Police Department began life in 1940 when George Moyer was appointed the Borough's first Police Officer. Moyer was paid $25 a week and served until 1954.

Moyer was succeeded by Richard McClure, a veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. McClure served until his retirement in 1969. That year, John McKernan became police chief and John R. Clawson was hired as his assistant.

During part of the 1970's, the Borough of Trappe contributed $14,000 a year for police protection from the Collegeville force. This was discontinued in 1978. In 1979, John Clawson became police chief and police headquarters moved from the former Trappe schoolhouse to the College Court Apartments on W. Fifth Avenue. The CPD moved into it's current headquarters in 1996.

In 1999, after 30 years with the Department, Chief John R.Clawson retired. He was replaced by Bart Bucher, an 11-year veteran of the force.