Elected Officials

Marion McKinney - Council President

Elected: 2017

Email: mmckinney@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Finance (chair), Community Engagement/Service (chair), and Streets, Roads & Lighting (chair)

Community Service: Marion is currently involved with the West Chester Chapter of Kiwanis, she advises Circle...

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Gary Hoffmann

Appointed: March 6, 2019

Email: ghoffman@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Public Safety



Catherine Kernen - Council President Pro Tem

Elected: 1998, 2004, 2013, 2017

Email: ckernen@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Business Development (chair), the Regional Planning Commission, Personnel (chair)

Community Service: Cathy is President of the non-profit Collegeville Economic Development...

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Hugh Braun

Elected: 2011, 2015

Email: hbraun@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Finance and Public Safety

Community Service: Hugh has served on the Open Space committee and the Streets, Roads & Lighting committees for the Borough of Collegeville. He has also served the community as a State Constable...

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Shannon Spencer

Elected: 2017

Email: sspencer@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Communications (chair), Planning Commission (vice chair), CPVRPC/Regional Planning (alternate)

Community Service: Shannon is a regular volunteer at the Daily Bread Community Food Pantry and in the PV schools. She edits the...

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Terrie Stagliano - Vice President

Elected: 1997, 2001, 2005, 2011, 2015

Email: tstagliano@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Parks (chair), Finance, Lower Perkiomen Valley Regional Sewer Authority (chair)

Community Service: Terrie has previously served on the Parks, Public Safety, Personnel, Veteran's...

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Louise-Marie Tulio

Elected: 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015

Email: ltulio@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Parks, Personnel, and Public Safety

Community Service: Louise has served on the Personnel and Public Safety committees for Collegeville since 2002. She is...

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Dr. Aidsand F. "Ace" Wright-Riggins - Mayor

Elected: 2017

Email: MayorAWR@council.collegeville-pa.gov

Current Committees: Business Development and Public Safety

Community Service: Aidsand is active in the Rotary Club of Collegeville, the Collegeville Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and his local church.

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