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The Borough’s Plans for the Revitalization of Collegeville’s Business District

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Contact Cathy Kernen, head of the Borough Business Development Committee, at ckernen@council.collegeville-pa.gov or 610 409 0370.

Why Revitalize Collegeville’s Business District?
The Revitalization Process
What are the Steps to Revitalize our Business District?
Who is Leading This Initiative?
Preliminary Goals of the Revitalization
Concept Drawings for buildings on the 400 block of E. Main St.
What Has Happened So Far?
What Sorts of Revitalization Returns can Residents Expect?

Vibrant downtowns and new commercial investments increase property values and new job growth.  Indirectly, the increased number of visitors and employees spend their money in Collegeville businesses creating a replenishing economic cycle.

New economic activity will increase the following:

  • Real Estate Values – Desirable living and business locations have higher property values
  • Real Estate Transfer Taxes – new sales of properties generate 1% transfer tax
  • Local Services Taxes – $52 annual fee for each employee in Collegeville Borough
  • Earned Income Taxes – Desirable towns attract new residents
  • Fee and permits – new construction increases fee and permit revenues
  • Grant Awards – well organized and planned communities attract grant awards

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