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Besides state and federal taxes, residents of Collegeville pay the following taxes:

Real Estate Tax5.2 mils – Collegeville Borough
(4.2 General Purpose & 1.0 Fire Services)
3.459 mils – Montgomery County
31.6 mils – Perkiomen Valley School District
Earned Income Tax1.4% of Earned Income – .5% to Collegeville, .9% to PVSD
Real Estate Transfer Tax2% of the sale amount; 1% paid by buyer, 1% paid by seller
Of the 2%, .5% to Collegeville; .5% to PVSD; 1% to Pennsylvania
Per Capita TaxesEliminated
Local ServicesTax (LST)$52 per year – all individuals working in Collegeville Borough

Additional Information

Real Estate Taxes to Collegeville Borough, current rate is 5.2 mils
Proceeds from the real estate tax is divided between general purpose (4.2 mils) and Fire Services (1.0 mils). To compute this tax, the assessment is multiplied by the millage rate, then divided by 1000. For example, a house assessed at $200,000 would pay $1,040.00. Proceeds from this tax to the Borough are about $1,200,000 per year.

By law, all properties in Montgomery County are reassessed at the same time. The last such reassessment was in 1998. The assessment is based on the fair market value of the property at the date of the assessment. Each year, the county releases a factor which can be applied to the assessment to compute the current fair market value. If you believe this valuation is too high, an appeal can be made to the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals in Norristown – phone number 610-278-3761.

Jon Doman is the Collegeville Borough Tax Collector. The Tax Collector does not have an office at Borough Hall. However, the Tax Collector does have office hours from time to time. The hours are printed on the tax bill. If you need assistance, please call Jon’s office and we can plan to collect your tax payment in person.

Questions on all real estate taxes, including those remitted to Montgomery County and the Perkiomen Valley School District, can be directed to the Collegeville Borough Real Estate Tax Collector: Jon Doman at 267-547-8987 or cbtaxcollector@gmail.com.

2020 and prior tax years: If you need any questions answered for 2020 and prior tax years you will need to reach out to Kelly Taylor. We do not have access to any tax files prior to 2021. Kelly may be reached at collegevilletaxcollector@gmail.com or 610-717-6500. Please be extremely specific that you are requesting 2020 tax information.

New in 2021:

  • There is a red mailbox installed on the wall in the lobby of Borough Hall for tax payments only. You may drop off your tax payments in the red mailbox during Borough hours. Please do not forget to include a copy of your tax bill. Tax payments cannot be accepted by Borough Administrative Staff.
  • We are using a new software system for tax collection. It is important for a copy of your tax bill to be returned with your payment. Even if your taxes are escrowed, a copy of the bill should still be sent to the tax collector. There is a bar code on the tax bill that when scanned, ensures proper crediting of the payment to the account. Please remember if you would like a receipt, to enclose the full bill, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • No Cash Payments will be accepted.

Earned Income Taxes
These taxes are generally collected where an individual works, and then remitted to Collegeville. If the rate where one works is higher than the Collegeville rate, the difference will be collected and remitted to the municipality of employment. Questions concerning earned income taxes should generally be directed to the employer or Berkheimer at 610-279-7500 or www.hab-inc.com

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