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Tax Collector Position Available for Collegeville Borough Resident

The Borough of Collegeville seeks a qualified applicant to appoint as Tax Collector to fill the remainder of the current term ending December 31, 2021. The person in this position is responsible for collecting the Borough, Montgomery County, and School District taxes in the Borough of Collegeville. The appointed person would fill the vacancy for 2021, but as it is an elected position, the applicant would need to run for the position if they wanted to continue in the role.

A job description can be found below.


  • The appointee must be a registered elector of Collegeville Borough.
    • At time of appointment, the applicant must be able to obtain a tax collector’s surety bond with a surety license to do business within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The bond must cover all taxes collected by the tax collector for the Borough. Interested applicants must submit a tax collector’s surety bond pre-qualification with their resume. The Borough will cover the cost of the surety bond up to $1,500 per year; however, any cost for obtaining pre-qualification will be the responsibility of the applicant.
    • The appointee must be able to obtain a qualified tax collector certificate within 60 days of appointment.  The Borough will cover the costs involved with successfully obtaining this certificate.
    • The appointee must have the ability to obtain a clean criminal history record from the Pennsylvania State Police prior to appointment if the individual is a resident of PA for more than two years.  If less than two years, he or she must obtain a clean Federal criminal history record.  Appointees have 30 days from the date of appointment to provide police reports to all taxing districts.
    • The appointee needs a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in accounting, finance, or a related industry.
    • The appointee needs to possess both strong finance and people skills.


The Tax Collector is paid a base salary of $6,000 from the Borough plus expenses.  He or she also receives payments from tax certificate fees, the mailing of duplicate bills, and work related to the tax collection for the county and school district for a total yearly compensation of about $15,000.


  • Open a business bank account in the name of the borough to deposit tax funds.  
  • Ensure that tax bills are mailed out on a timely basis.  Taxes are due three times a year:  At the end of April for the Borough and the County, the end of August for the School District, and at the end of the year. 
  • Receive, account for, and deposit all tax payments. 
  • Provide regular payment of funds and reports to Collegeville Borough, Montgomery County and the School District via check or ACH payment.
  • Submit regular reconciliations to the Borough, County and School District.  These vary depending on when the taxes are due, and range as often as bi-weekly and weekly to monthly.
  • Approve refunds and court stipulation changes received from the Montgomery County Board of Assessments.
  • Appoint at least one deputy to comply with the LTCA.
  • Assist with returned tax bills and taxpayer inquiries.
  • Prepare for and attend end-of-year information meetings and end-of-year reconciliation appointments.

NOTE:  It is also recommended that the individual join the Pennsylvania State Tax Collectors’ Association and attend meetings.


The Tax Collector works from his or her home an average 10-15 hours a week.  Hours are flexible.  Additionally, for the convenience of residents, he or she holds weekly evening two-hour sessions at Borough Hall (currently Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m.) starting each April and continuing through the end of the year. 


This position is an appointment limited to the 2021 year.  To continue in the position, the individual must be elected.  This requires filing a Statement of Financial Interest with the borough and Election Board and filing a petition to the Election Board to be included on the ballot of the 2021 Primary, and then winning the 2021 General Election.  The elected position is a four-year term.


Ideally the Borough would like to appoint someone by February 3, 2021. The individual would start as soon as possible after that.  The first 2021 tax bills are sent out in March.


Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, evidence of clean criminal record and surety bond pre-qualification via e-mail to Collegeville Borough Manager Tamara Twardowski,  TTwardowski@borough.collegeville-pa.gov, by February 1, 2021.

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